Lyon Apparel

Lyon apparel is a manufacturing company based out of Peru

UX, UI, Graphic Design, & Brand Identity

Lyon Apparel manufacturing is a clothing production house based out of Peru. They wanted rebrand their logo and design a new website for their business. This company was very aware of their competition is Peru so it was imperative to have great SEO. With this in mind a lot of time was spent on the Copy writing for the company to improve their search engine result.

It was decided to use blue as the main colour in a monochromatic scheme to display a pure, trustworthy company. The Lyon logo came directly from the companies old logo. The lion was redesigned with other accompanying versions specially for the suitability across digital media platforms.

Lyon helps small and large brands create their clothing brands. The problem was that their current site did not answer common questions for new clients. The world of manufacturing is a complicated business and requires a lot of knowledge that new clients did not have.

With this in mind the whole site was based around navigating new clients through their process, from taking on a new business right through to the finished product in stores or online.