Achieving Aspirations

Supporting children and adults with learning disabilities

UX, UI, Web Development & Graphic Design

Achieving Aspirations approached me for a web & logo redesign. Their services had become more advanced over the years and the website could not keep up aesthetically or functionally. I sat down with the CEO of the company and she explained all the services and what they offered.

It became apparent that the services were best split up into adult and child services. They did not want to loose the name Achieving Aspirations as the umbrella of the two main services however. So by following simple design rules and colour pallets we created three logos that would be present throughout the brand to make it clear how the company is split up.

I managed to split the site up into a mega menu. Meaning that the user could click on adult or child straight away, making it easier to navigate and understand the services. After the customer chooses adult or child the pages within the main sections change focussing on child or adult.

The brand needed to have a fun and friendly aesthetic while maintaining a form of professionalism. They deal with stressful situations and a lot of rules and regulations based around care work so the site also needed to be a hub of information for future members.